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About James Wylie

James Wylie currently resides in the beautiful South Wales sticks. Born and raised in Fleetwood, Lancashire. James moved here in 2007 for a better quality of life. Since moving here, everything has gone well and he works hard and play harder. After all, 'life is a game we play' as they say (who are they?).

"I live my life how I see fit and never take anything for granted. I consider myself ambitious, logical and always keen to better myself. I have a fascination with the internet and its ability to deliver meaning and context to peoples life's. I have a love for all things natural including Wild life and Space and everything in-between.

I hope you enjoy your time here and I would love it if you was to follow me on twitter. I always follow back and I even re-tweet! haha. Anyway, enough about me and onto my work.

My Work

I have previously worked in Web Marketing & Website Management. I also sometimes undertake personal projects either for myself, or my friends simply as a hobby. My skills include Graphic Design, Web Design, Videography and Web Marketing. I love what I do and I am now available for employment. To discuss any working opportunities please contact me.

I really enjoy working with many forms of media including Social media. For me it is about the outcome and the impact it has upon its audience. I often find myself admiring a T.V. Advert, or breaking down a poster that may be hung in a bus shelter, or on the side of a cinema. That is powerful when you let it in, because we are naturally so guarded against advertising.

James Wylie's Blog

My thoughts are all going on my blog, but in the meantime it's a bit thin. I will be adding some hints and tips on web design, graphics etc, so if you want to learn, then please follow my blog. I am always looking for contributions, so if you're interested, please get in touch.

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