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union jack and Free Web HostingWould you like Free Web Hosting? The web host I use and recommend to all my clients are now running an awesome promotion to help all budding entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers #MakeItOnline, they are giving away a year’s FREE UK Cloud Hosting with every .CO.UK/.ME.UK/.ORG.UK domain registration.

I have been thinking of getting myself a website recently.

If that is you, then there is no time like the present. Growth in British e-commerce is expected again this year and £50 BILLION was spent online in the UK last year, and there's a further 10% organic growth predicted for the coming year. The internet is a big pie and there is no reason your business cannot have a slice of that pie.

A website is expensive and I don't know how to manage one

Since the birth of content management systems (such as wordpress that this website uses) websites have become much more user (and owner) friendly. I firmly believe a good web designer/web design company will offer education with any client. It's not your job to know how the internet works, your job is to run a company. For a small monthly charge many web design agencies and freelancers will provide a management service, so you can focus on running your company. As always, I advise to shop around and get a few quotes together so you get a ball park figure of what your specification will cost.
You have to break some eggs, to make an Omelette!

Is a .com better than a

The simply answer is.....yes and no.
A .com is regarded as the 'daddy of domains', however if you are targeting a UK market, then a .UK of any form is the way forward. If you was targeting a global market then the .com would be the best choice for you. Of course, you can always buy both and just have the .com version redirect traffic to the version, or vice versa so you have multiple domains pointing to one single website! If you are an organization (rather than a business) then a would be better suited to you. The domain name should always be as relevant to the entity as much as possible.

I have heard bad things about free hosting

Yes, and I bet most of it is true, however this offer from Tsohost for free web hosting is premium web hosting that they are giving away to anybody who purchases a .uk domain through them. There will be no ads on your site (unless you use them for yourself) and as usual, speed and uptime will be second to none! With 24/7 support this is premium hosting for free for one year.

Ok, lets do this!...err where do I begin?

To begin the process of getting your business or organization online simply get in touch with me today with your details and I will contact you via email, or facebook or twitter (whichever you prefer) and we can discuss your requirements in more detail so we have a clear picture of what you want and need.

Should I order the hosting now anyway?

Yes, I would advise so! I have no idea when this promotion from Tsohost will end, so as always - get it whilst it's hot!

Tsohost are a great company who have really grown over the years because of the hard work they put into their network and infrastructure, along with customer service and satisfaction they are now one of the most popular web hosts in the UK. Free hosting with them? You would be crazy to miss out!

The light plan may not suit everyone and if you are looking at other hosting packages Tsohost have and need a tsohost promotional code then check out this post! With all Pro and Ultimate packages you get a free domain name!

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If you sign up to Tsohost (only on a Pro or Ultimate package) I will receive a small fee from them (not you).

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